Launching - Integrated solutions using Oracle APEX and Native Mobile App

I would like to take an opportunity to thank Oracle APEX community for overwhelming response on my blogs. You all have motivated me to write more and more blogs. I am also learning lots of new things while preparing each blog. I know, not all my blogs are so interesting to read. Trust me, I have always tried to justify the subject. Your feedback, comments and views made my days !!!

Now, purpose of this blog is something different. Today, on 10-10-2020 - I am launching my new website dedicated for Indian Expert Consultants on various technologies like Oracle APEX, Flutter, iOS, Android and Cloud Integrations.

Why today?
Well, it's my daughter's Birthday and this will remind me forever!!!

Who are we? are group of expert consultants - who exactly knows how to deliver integrated solutions. We have done this number of times for various customers and in different domains. have unique skills on Flutter Mobile App development, which is one of the popular cross-platform mobile app development tool. have iOS and Android skills and they have worked on most of the projects integrated with Oracle APEX. Our experts knows both, traditional (objective-c & java) and new programming languages (swift & kotlin). 

What is goal?
Present our technical skills, capabilities and work
Showcase the experience of integrated solutions
Possibly use to write new blogs and articles

What is for you?
With website launch, I want to make Blog of Week. I will be publishing new blog everyday for a week staring 12th October 2020. Following is the schedule. Stay tuned !!!

1. Monday, 12th Oct     Oracle APEX - Build Configurable Help Option - Easy, Fast and Low Code
2. Tuesday, 13th Oct     Oracle APEX - Format dates using APEX_UTIL.GET_SINCE
3. Wednesday, 14th Oct     Telegram Integration in your APEX application
4. Thursday, 15th Oct     Use JavaScript API to work with cookies in Oracle APEX applications
5. Friday, 16th Oct     Oracle APEX - Build Nested Interactive Reports

Comments, feedback or suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you once again.

Jaydip Bosamiya


  1. Good to hear. more interested in mailchimp integration with Oracle APEX. kindly write in blogs in this subject.

    1. Sure Shyam, I have added MailChimp in my blog list. Thank You.


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