Oracle APEX Tabs Container - Control selection using jQuery

This blog is about how you can control the tab selection using jQuery for Tabs Container region. I have seen, there are many other-ways to achieve same - but I have tried to following APEX's way and manage the selection by APEX's JavaScript code.

$('#<tabs_container_region_id> ul.t-Tabs:first').aTabs('getTabs')['#SR_<sub_tab_region_id>'].makeActive();

Working Demo

Hope this helps.

Jaydip Bosamiya


  1. When the page opens, I need the page to open to 2nd tab. So I put the following code in the section "Execute when page loads".
    $('#PARENT_TAB ul.t-Tabs:first').aTabs('getTabs')['#SR_TAB2'].makeActive();

    and I get error

    TypeError: cannot read property 'MakeActive' of undefined

    So I tried to create a dynamic action of change of a page item P6100_SEL_TAB which I set the value to 6 on page load. It doesn;t work.
    Can you please help me load tab2 on page load?

    1. Can you check what is the result of following when you execute from Browser cosole?

      $('# ul.t-Tabs:first').aTabs('getTabs')


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